Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Kenzie and Kaylee got grounded the other night. They were being ornery and yelling Sunday night so they were sent to bed and they couldn't watch TV the following day. Well I forgot to tell Tara who babysat Kenzie on Monday so when I picked her up at 3 she was watching TV. As we were getting in the car Kenzie asked if she could finish her show at home. I then told her no that she was grounded from TV that day and would have to wait until the next day to watch it. She was a little disappointed but was ok with this. But then later we were taking Kaylee to gymnastics and Kenzie loves that because she always comes home, takes a bath and gets to lay in my bed and watch a movie. So she asked what movie she should watch. So once again I explained the whole grounding issue.

Well this time she wasn't so content. She kept asking "What did I do?". When I explained that she was yelling and fighting with her sister last night she replied "Well what did I do today?" So I told her she didn't do anything today, it was last night that she got in trouble. So to this I got a reply "So I didn't do anything TODAY, but I have no TV TODAY- That doesn't even make any sense!" It was so funny that she just didn't get it that Kaylee and I just busted up laughing. So I learned from this that I've either grounded and not stuck to it or that this cute little child just gets away with everything because she still JUST DOESN'T GET IT! Oh I love her.

Monday, March 26, 2012

When life changes......

As I sit here trying to get through my homework I am overcome by emotions. I have been trying to think about how I will be able to return to the things that I need to continue but in the last week my priorities have changed tremendously. Some things that seemed to important to me suddenly don't seem that pressing at all. So I thought of my blog. I know I don't blog often but I guess when I am feeling disconnected and really feeling lost is when I blog the most. I know that in the past I have been able to look and read things that I know I needed to go through and it makes me realize how strong a person can be... more importantly how strong I can be. So although most of my post have a funny twist I don't know how funny this one will be.

So when life changes. For me it has been changing for awhile. Starting last April I started to wake up with pain and swelling in my hands and feet. It would go away after I got up and moving so I first thought maybe it was a virus in my synovial fluid. I was in school and didn't really have much time to think about it but it was happening everyday and I soon realized something wasn't right. I have taken care of, seen, and studied about Rheumatoid Arthritis for years and knew the s/s so I started to think about that but still in the back of my head thought I have too much to accomplish in life so that can't possibly be in my cards. So time went on. I finished school, got a job and about 2 months ago decided this was not only not going away but was getting worse. I now had take Ibuprofen and glucosamine and then lay back down for an hour before even getting out of bed. I couldn't walk stairs until late afternoon. I had been given cortisone shots in my shoulder to decrease inflammation. And was taking massive amounts of Ibuprofen a day just to move and function.

So last Thursday I met with a Rheumatologist who informed me that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had figured this all along and had researched med, diet, exercise, and numerous things about the disease. I felt pretty good and was confident that I would gladly accept what I needed to and move on. I guess to say you are never prepared is an understatement. I am so onry, emotional and just play upset. Why? I don't really know because RA is now treatable and most of the time they can put it in remission. So I don't really know what is upsetting me so. Maybe it is that I have spent so much time on the non important things in life and not enough on what I should have. Or maybe because my medicine is going to make me sick for awhile that I feeling shafted for my husband and kids.. Maybe its because I think its unfair that bad things happen to good people. I don't know but my whole attitude about it sucks right now.

Don't get me wrong I had a couple good days but the side effects of my medicine are starting to happen and I want to shout " Wait, can I get a redo of the last 5 years of life? I am not ready for this!" I'm not ready to put my family on hold and deal with this. I did that last year. And really do not want to do it again.

Like I said- I'm emotional. But these are the thoughts I cannot seem to get out of my head. So with all of my feelings out maybe I can move on and get back to my normal life because really that is what I need.

6 months really???

Reasons you only blog every 6 months.....

1- Your life is just unbelievably boring

2- your time just goes by in the blink of an eye.


You have really good intentions but everything else always gets in the way!!! That's my final answer. All though all of the above could apply. My life is good but has become unbelievably boring. A good thing though. Same things happen day in and out- school, work, kids, life. I guess that's just how it goes. But being boring it still goes by sooo fast. Can you believe my baby will be 5 this year! Really where did all THAT time go. She was just born I swear-I still have the weight to prove it! Growing so fast but healthy so I cannot complain about that. So due to the fact I haven't updated in awhile I will update so one day when I get around to printing books I will have memories or something like that!

Ashton is in 8Th grade- two months from being in high school. He has grown so much and Marty and I are so impressed with the young man he has become. He is the young men president of his class- a responsibility that he takes so seriously. I cannot count how many people come up to me and tell me what a good, responsible young man we have. He is always at church and usually goes early to set up chairs and make sure the church looks good before people arrive. He passes the sacrament, makes sure the walks are shoveled, cleans the church every sat- at 9 AM and many other things to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience at church. He is always inviting the inactive members to mutual and just is every ones friend. I really know he is going to be a great person with this foundation he has laid for himself. He is a fun loving kid, can get a little wild but loves to tease his cousins and uncles. We are very lucky to have a son like Ashton.

Kaylee is in 6Th grade and is excelling in her first year of middle school. She has been on the honor role all year and has made many friends at school. She plays the flute and is doing well with that. She is a great big sister to Kenzie and when asked to do something does it with her whole heart. She is also still taking gymnastics in which she is also doing well. Kaylee is at a hard age which is the in between being independent and still being that little kid who need their mom and dad. I can see the frustration when she still has a bed time but I also see how the lack of sleep affects her when left to go to bed on her own. I have tried to be a little more lenient with her and even let her go to the mall the other day with friends. It has been a rewarding year and I am so proud of the young woman she is turning out to be.

Kenzie goes to preschool two times a week and LOVES it. She is very outgoing and is my kid that is not really scared of new people or situations. I have always wanted to be like this so its nice to get to see one of my kids just plunge ahead without a look back. She takes gymnastics and just moved up from little bounders to pre level 1. Her favorite things are her aunt shell which she is devastated when she doesn't see for a day, her little kitty she name Bella (a stuffed one), and church. She sits with Linda and grant every Sunday and just plays with them. She is very entertaining and is the sunshine in our home. Funny that I never imagined we would have had a third child and now I think what a boring life we would have without her. I named her middle name Raye after my dad but she really is our ray of sunshine always making us laugh and smile.

Marty and I are working away. Marty still does the wood floors and I am working as a pediatric nurse in home care. Honestly the job has me a little bored due to the fact that the kids I take care of are stable but it pays good and gives me plenty of time to do my homework. The company is awesome too and my superiors are so great to work with.

That's our life in a nut shell. More posts to follow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where has all the time gone!

Ashton and Karwin when he was about 3 months.
Dustin and Ashton when he was about 1.5 years
Ashton when he was about 1.5 years

Ashton when he was about 12 years. Not much changed!
Ashton around 7 years

Ashton at 8 years
Ashton 12 years
Ashton 13 years. Weird teenager!

I know that we always say where does the time go, but I realized this year, when Kaylee started MIDDLE school, that ashton will be in HIGH school next year. Really? High school? That's the last leg of the trek. It took me forever to get to high school and now for my son it really is just around the corner. He is definitely a teenager with the hormones and moodiness to prove it but he is still so fun to be around. I know the time has gone fast but these next five years are going to go even faster. In five years, he might be turning in papers for a mission! Unbelievable! Any clues on how to get time to slow down???


(When I find my camera I will have pictures to post)

Kenzie started preschool this year. She is loving it. She goes to teacher Jill's in milleville and other than the drive, I love teacher Jill. I would have liked somewhere closer but Kenzie is my child that doesn't like new things and she has been to teacher Jill's with Tara and Ryan so I thought that was my best choice. Her little friend Brylee goes there too so it is working out great. She was a little nervous the first day but she went with no tears and no screams. Her and Brylee always ride together so I think that helps to always have a friend too.

She loves school but this was our conversation the other day:
Kenzie: How long do I have school for?
Me: For two hours.
Kenzie: NO, till how old am I?
Me: Oh you mean years... Until you are 18 at least
Kenzie: Well sometimes I just want to stay home and watch TV!
Me: Well don't count on that too much. You got a long way to go!

Hope this isn't a prelude to how school is going to go for her!

The Flu... Already?

Last week two of my kids that I took care of had a flu bug. Being the cautious person that I am, when I got home (it was 11pm) I stripped in my garage and came running in the house to shower. I didn't think Kenzie would still be up but she came running down the hall, saw me, and stepped back and said "did you go to work like that!" It was so funny. But despite my streaking and all I still brought home the flu. I came down with it Saturday morning and then Kenzie was throwing up Saturday night. It was a disaster. Kenzie was most unhappy and kept asking me why I got her sick. The worst was when her cousins were all next door and she couldn't go play with them. She just kept telling them "You can't come by me I'm sick" and then even started crying when she saw Maisey. I am happy to report we are feeling better and no one else has gotten sick... yet. I try to do my best to keep out the germs, but sometimes I guess I don't do good enough. I HATE the flu!!


I had taken Kenzie to the Ogden fair in Aug and she wanted to ride the rides so bad but they were expensive. So I let her ride one and came home to talk to Marty about taking the kids to Lagoon. I had realized that we hadn't been there since Kenzie was about 9 months or so. We decided that school didn't start for another week and a half so we would take all the kids before then. Well I got a call the next day from Heather inviting us to Ken Garf's Lagoon day. Divine intervention of what! So the next Wednesday off we headed to Lagoon. I took my friend's little girl so Kenzie would have someone to ride with and we had a blast. I got brave and let the kids go on their own so them and tarrin just had free run of the park. They loved the freedom and I loved not hearing them whine about staying at baby rides! Kenzie was in heaven. She didn't stop all day. Andy and Tiffany and their girls were there also so she had a bunch of cousins there. We missed Rob and Tara's family but it definitely was a favorite in my book. It was so nice to see my kids get along and be happy. Thanks Kevin and Heather for inviting us and we will definitely be doing that again!