Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Kenzie and Kaylee got grounded the other night. They were being ornery and yelling Sunday night so they were sent to bed and they couldn't watch TV the following day. Well I forgot to tell Tara who babysat Kenzie on Monday so when I picked her up at 3 she was watching TV. As we were getting in the car Kenzie asked if she could finish her show at home. I then told her no that she was grounded from TV that day and would have to wait until the next day to watch it. She was a little disappointed but was ok with this. But then later we were taking Kaylee to gymnastics and Kenzie loves that because she always comes home, takes a bath and gets to lay in my bed and watch a movie. So she asked what movie she should watch. So once again I explained the whole grounding issue.

Well this time she wasn't so content. She kept asking "What did I do?". When I explained that she was yelling and fighting with her sister last night she replied "Well what did I do today?" So I told her she didn't do anything today, it was last night that she got in trouble. So to this I got a reply "So I didn't do anything TODAY, but I have no TV TODAY- That doesn't even make any sense!" It was so funny that she just didn't get it that Kaylee and I just busted up laughing. So I learned from this that I've either grounded and not stuck to it or that this cute little child just gets away with everything because she still JUST DOESN'T GET IT! Oh I love her.


tbergsjo said...

That is too funny. That girl cracks me up :).

Tara Bergsjo said...

That is sooooo funny!!!